Perm Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is a multilevel educational institution having permanently developing structure, it is Kama Region’s leading higher education institute training experts for operation in the sphere of consumer market and services.

Main purpose of the Institute is training of highly skilled staff possessing knowledge of economics, management, information processes, accounting, analysis and audit of financial and economic activities, arrangement of commerce, including electronic commerce and logistic, marketing and advertising, customs operations, stock-exchange industry and trade law, foreign trade operations, technologies and arrangement of public catering. Educational process of the Institute is carried out under programs of higher education, secondary-level education and additional  professional education in accordance with the system of continuous personnel training. The training is performed under full-time, part-time and  full-time/part-time forms of studies, under the full and accelerated programs on a budgetary and contractual basis.

The Institute naturally unites experience and youth. On the one hand, it keeps developed traditions, on the other hand, it goes with requirements of new time, always looks forward, catching the freshest trends. In 2011, the Institute has adopted two-level system of higher professional education (HPE) – undergraduate and graduate. Up-to-date requirements are met by the new study areas of undergraduate education: "Commodity Science", "Trade Business", "Management", "Production Technology and Catering", "Economics”, and “Informatics”. In 2011, first master's program «Strategy and innovations in commerce» was opened.

In connection with dynamic development of Perm Region’s hotel facilities and public catering enterprises, correspondingly, growth of demand for experts, the Institute has opened the new specialities of secondary vocational education (SVE): «Hotel service» and «Organization of service in public catering».

In 2012, one more graduate program ─ «Economics of commercial enterprises», and in 2016 – the program «Master of business administration» have been opened. Training of the Institute’s graduates for research degree of parent university is annually performed.

Since 2013, Perm Institute (branch) is part of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, national leading HEI on economics.

In 2015, Perm branch of Moscow State University of economics, statistics and informatics has been attached to the Perm Institute (branch) of PRUE by Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia that gives the next momentum to further development and advance!

In total, since 1964 to this day, the educational institution graduated more than 30,000 experts of higher and secondary vocational education. Now training on 6 lines of bachelor degree, 3 master programs, 10 specialities of SVE, and tens of advanced programs of additional  professional education is performed.

In 2003, under the initiative of the Perm Institute, the Perm trade and economics educational complex – Association «Trade Education», which now unites 11 educational institutions of Perm Region, has been created.

The establishment of the Association allows to coordinate activities of educational institutions, establish the unified information environment, conduct joint training, methodical, research and educational work.

In order to strengthen interrelations with administration and the enterprises of the industry the Institute conducts active work in the region, being part of various governmental and public councils and organizations.

- since 2000 the Institute has been a member of the Perm Culinary Association;

- since 2003 the Institute has been a cofounder of the Perm trade and economic educational complex (association) «Trade Education»;

- since 2012 the Institute has been a member of supervisory board of noncommercial partnership “Prikamye Volleyball Club”;

- since 2013 the Institute has been a member of Perm Trade Chamber;

- since 2013 the Institute has been included into consulting council at the Deputy Head of Perm City Administration;

- since 2014 the Institute has been included in coordination council on sanatorium development of Perm Region;

- since 2014 the institute has been included into Public Council at the Ministry of the industry, business and trade of Perm Region;

- since 2014 the Institute has been part of the regional commission on quality for determination of the best goods of the Perm commodity producers and coordination of work performed within the framework of the All-Russia competition of the Program «Hundred best goods of Russia» of Perm Region;

- since 2014 it has been a member of the commission on selection of research actions and scientific - publishing projects at the Ministry of education and sciences of Perm Region;

- since 2014 the Institute has been included into working group on realization of the project «History of Russian business» of Perm Region at the Ministry of economic development of Perm Region;

- since 2015 it has been a member of Coordination Council of Perm Region Government on development of fair-exhibition and congress activities in Perm region;

- since 2015 it has been a member of Council at the Ministry of economic development of Perm region on modernization of economics and innovative development of the region.

- since 2015 it has been a member of the Institute of professional accountants of Russia (IPAR).

At all stages of development of the educational institution, starting from its very first steps, the main task was the improvement of training quality of professional staff.

The Institute is a member of 3 Russian Academic Methodological Associations (AMAs). Since 2003, on the Institute basis, the Regional Methodical Association of PVE-SVE educational institutions on speciality “Technology of products of public catering”, which unites 25 PVE-SVE educational institutions of the Perm region, has been established.

In 2012, International Conformity Certificate of Perm Institute (branch)’s Quality Management System to ISO 2008 requirements has been received concerning development and rendering of services in sphere of secondary education, higher education and supplementary vocational education, and also research and innovative activities (Certificate No. 12.0921.026 of September 13, 2012).

One of the main Institute’s priorities is intensive development of infrastructure, wide introduction of information technologies, high standards of logistic support of educational process.

Perm Institute in the world computer networks is represented by information server, containing great information volumes on the Institute, its history, faculties, divisions, research and other activities.

Students have opportunity to be acquainted with world news of economics and trade with modern information systems «1S. Library»; information-library program MARK SQL; «Electronic library» (network resource including electronic textbooks and texts of working programs, methodical instructions and manuals issued by the Institute); EBS Publishing house Infra-M "ZNANIUM", (including 5 thousand names of full-text educational and scientific editions on the Institute’s main curriculum disciplines); electronic help systems “Consultant Plus” and “Guarant”; electronic library system «Infra M»; information resources of other libraries; inter-library exchange system (interlibrary subscription); EDD (Electronic Document Delivery); free access of trainees into Internet; software on disciplines, automated system "Shtrikh - M", multimedia classes are available.

Library fund contains about 80 000 exemplars of educational, methodical and research literature. Additionally, the library carries out a subscription to more than 120 periodical publications. The library structure is 2 circulation departments, 3 specialized reading rooms, access rooms to electronic information. The Institute has also a modern gym, hostel, outdoor sportsground, conference hall, car parking, canteen, and student's pub.

During personnel training, our collective closely cooperates with the Ministry of Industry, Business and Trade of Perm Region, the Ministry of Economic Development of Perm Region and Administration of Consumer Market of Perm-city Administration which have concluded long-term cooperation programs.

In modern conditions it is especially important to study the advanced international experience of personnel training for sphere of trade. In 2004, the Institute’s Center of International Relations has been created which arranges jointly with Foreign Languages Department the international conferences, round tables, master-classes, seminars, foreign training courses and establishes relations with foreign universities.

The Institute actively distributes the results of the research activity to the professional community, including regular holding of conferences, methodical and research seminars, preparation and publishing of textbooks, manuals and research monographs. For the last five years it has been published thirty five collections of research papers, 60 monographs, 170 textbooks. On the basis of the Institute just for the last 5 years 370 scientific events have been performed, including 69 international conferences, seminars and round-table conferences, with participation of scientists from Europe and the USA, 89 events of the All-Russia and regional levels, 230 events of interuniversity and intrauniversity value. Results of investigations are widely used in educational process, they are reflected in recommendations for administrative structures, master’s and doctoral theses, research papers, exhibits of international and All-Russia exhibitions.

There are 9 Institute’s research student's project groups which include more than 600 students annually. Research work of students is one of the major lines of high-quality learning. Research laboratories and groups, Student Research Society, business incubator, exhibitions and conferences - all this allows students to obtain skills of research and scientific practical activities.

Large attention is paid to sport training and development of creative abilities of students that makes a student's life even more interesting and saturated, and student's years – unforgettable! (the Reference on Center of nurture work)

Annual Institute’s sports actions are: Sports Festival, "First-year student", « Guys, on your marks!», chess tournaments, competitions on darts, volleyball (young men, girls), table tennis, mini-football; cheerleading, badminton, volleyball and other specialized sports clubs are available.

At Perm Region Universiade the Institute takes part in the following kinds of sports: track and field race, chess, table tennis, darts, ski races, handball, track and field athletics (multiathlon), relay race "Zvezda (Star)", mini-football, basketball (young men), basketball (girls), volleyball (young men), volleyball (girls), sambo-wrestling, kettlebell lifting.

Students participate in sports competitions of various level: district, city, regional, All-Russia, international.

The Institute has created all conditions to improve creative potential of students. Creative teams are working, actions are performed: gala day «Matriculation - Dedication into students», competition for first-year students «Hallo, we search for talents», competition «Institute’s Beauty», Interfaculty Student's Spring, competition «Business Lady and Mr. Businessman», New Year's dance, competition «Let's sing, friends!», exhibition «World with creator eyes», hostel competitions: «Cosy Nest», «Weather in the house», «Skilful hands» and many others.

In order to assist to employment the Institute has Center of practical training and relations with graduates, which primary goals are arrangement of work experience for students of all specialities, and also subsequent help in employment.

The Center actively cooperates with such largest enterprises of Perm-city and Perm region, as retail trading networks "Vivat", "Family", "Metro", "Magnet", "Five", "Crossroad", "Gastronom", "Amikon", "Lenta", "Monroe", "Mercury", «Practical magic», "Optima", "Superstroy", the wholesale enterprises "Food-trade", «Gradient Distribution», "Smith", banks: «Ural FD», "Alpha-bank", «Home Credit», "SberBank", "VTB24", companies: "Er-Telecom", «Northern crown», networks of public catering: "Alendvik", "Violet", "Permtorgneft", "Frying pan", «Il Patio», restaurant group "FoRest", restaurant "Zhivago", «Stroganov’s votchina», "MisterFisher" and many others.

It is important, that our graduates do not lose connection with the Institution, they perform master-classes for students, conduct teaching activities, participate in management of graduation work operations and work of State Certification Commission (SCC), provide bases for practical training, participate in annual forum "Career Start".

Education in Perm Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is your chance to become high professionals of the industry, managers of departments and enterprises, organizers of own successful business!